We Play Recorded Sounds That Are:

Public Domain

Creative Commons

Non-Exclusive Licensed

RADIO BRENNPUNKT is an experimental Internet streaming radio station playing a mix of unusual music, sound art, live shows, and other fringe programming. We only play recorded sounds that are either in the public domain, Creative Commons licensed, or that we have explicit permission granted from the copyright holder, AKA, a non-exclusive license.

Some of our shows are live, some are pre-programmed, but all are curated. We play a lot of experimental ambient sounds because we like it, but we play a range of sounds.

Want to send us some recordings to play? Submit them here.

Some Questions Answered…


Q: Who is Radio Brennpunkt, and if so, how much?
A: We are a non-commercial internet radio station primarily focused on sound art, experimental music, emerging artists, community, and being kind.

Q: What makes you sad?
A: Music and sounds that are released with “all rights reserved”. This makes it harder for us to broadcast these works with “paying the man” who is probably not you, or the artist who made the work.

Q: What makes you happy?
A: Webcasting music and sounds published under some form of Creative Commons licensing that allows non-commerical use of the work. Or if a creator and copyright holder give us explicit permission to use a work without commercial obligations – see next question.

Q: Do you accept submissions?
A: Yes! And we’ll play anything at least once. We are here to support your art for a better world. No pressure. Submit using the Submit form below.

Q: Do you have live DJs?
A: Our specialty shows are often broadcast live and some are pre-recorded. We are always looking for people interested in curating shows. Please contact us.

Q: How do I listen to previous specialty shows?
A: Previous shows are archived at https://www.mixcloud.com/radiobrennpunkt/

Q: How do you handle royalties?
A: Start from the beginning of the FAQ with more focus please.

Q: How do I communicate with Radio Brennpunkt?
A: Please contact us using the Contact form below.

Q: What does “Brennpunkt” mean?
A: It’s “focal point” in German, as we want to direct attention to artists that may be overlooked.

Q: Why is it in German?
A: Why not?

Who’s Behind This?



REALMOREREAL is a not-for-profit arts and culture production and promotion organization. Learn more about our other activities at realmorereal.org.

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