Album Review – El d​í​a que hulk lloró by Música Inmobiliaria

The latest Creative Commons release under the moniker Música Inmobiliaria, also known as José Gallardo Arbeláez , has piqued the interest of your friends at Radio Brennpunkt. The album, titled “El día que Hulk lloró”, which translates to “The Day Hulk Cried”, was released in December 2022 on the netlabel Pueblo Nuevo. The instrumental album comprises nine tracks and is driven by the Arturia Drumbrute beats, layered with synthesized sounds, guitar, and bass riffs. Although the Hulk-inspired cover art may suggest a heavy-handed superhero motif, the music is anything but. The album’s context, as explained in its description, reveals a deeper motivation – “to encounter Hulk crying and to comfort him is the objective for this album, and thus to overcome the stress of the gamma rays and his characteristic fury.” José Gallardo Arbeláez, a prolific musician hailing from Medellin, Colombia, showcases his experimental and creative talents with “El día que Hulk lloró”. The album is available digitally on Bandcamp and is a must-have for anybody into lo-fi electro sounds that your friends have not even heard of yet. 

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