Submit Your Sounds

Radio Brennpunkt is committed to furthering sound art as an important part of the communication and creativity that intersects with the key drivers of human growth, cultural understanding, and social development.

All works we utilize are intended to reach the maximum number of people possible, which means using works that are granted permission for broadcast/webcast rights expressed through the owner‘s license, or by the copyright holder granting us permission directly.

If you are not the copyright owner, you must provide proof that the works you are submitting are in the public domain or have the appropriate Creative Commons license.

Please provide all the track information with links to download the audio files, as well as links to any promotional materials like images, video, etc. Please include your social media handles! For large numbers of submissions, please include links to download any additional indexing such as spreadsheets, etc.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask us first, we would love to hear form you! You can use the contact form here.

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